Thursday, August 30, 2012

Saying goodbye to THIS BLOG

I'm excited to have a NEW BLOG to be showcases recent session sneak peeks and updates. That means that THIS blog will no longer be current or up to date, as I'll be posting all new posts on my new and improved blog! SO....please update your RSS feeds and bookmarks so that you're are getting the very latest and current information from Alison Stumpf Photography! You can find the new blog at As always, I love to hear your comments and input- questions... so PLEASE don't be afraid to post your comments. The more interaction the more fun! I'm the first to admit as I approach the busiest season of the year, the posts sometimes come sporadically but you can sign up for notifications of new posts and always see the latest on my FB PAGE as well!

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Audrey | Senior Pictures- Spirit Lake, Iowa

Audrey is a beautiful girl who is as sweet as the day is long. My children almost grew up with Audrey when her mother provided daycare for my children and consider her an adopted sister. It's always fun to take a great group of girls out on a shoot- especially when they are up for anything. I made a brief appearance at Audrey's house to help her choose some outfits from her closet...and it just goes to show how one doesn't need to spend a lot on new outfits for senior pictures (but of course usually for a young lady that is half the fun). I encouraged her to bring some colorful bracelets, jewelry, hair accessories and we were set! I always enjoy scouting out new locations and though I've shot in Spirit Lake, Iowa before it's amazing what new locations one can find...and even the same locations can look totally different with different light and a different lens, and of course a different model! I'll be shooting Audrey's full session later this stay tuned for more images of this beautiful JCC senior girl.

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Senior Model Session - Miranda | Lakefield, MN Senior Photography

Too many amazing images to choose from! That was the problem I faced when I sat down to grab a few pictures of Miranda. Kari Mertz of Kari Mertz Photography came down to shoot with me and we work so well together we always wish we were a little closer so that we could shoot more together. We seem to have a good artistic ying and yang and have a ton of fun besides. Plus Kari is always game to shoot in the Okoboji area as she thinks it's one of the neatest places around! We started off shooting in some familiar locations, and in the process of doing a U-turn found a neat ole pick up we grabbed a few very quick shots with besides. By this time the light was fading fast so we had to move into a scramble to do all we could before the light was gone. Miranda has the biggest eyes and a suitcase full of adorable clothing and a kind sweet personality that shines through. Stay tuned (is that the right word for a blog?) for more posts from our senior model shoot out in the Iowa Lakes. Adrienne and Audrey from the Senior Class of 2013 are coming up next!! Don't forget to feed the blog! Your comments are always welcome! You can check out ALISON STUMPF PHOTOGRAPHY on Facebook for more Senior Photography images, tips and updates!

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Vintage Woods Walk Session | Okoboji Parks Children Photography

Vintage Woods Walk seems a fitting title for these images~ I brought a variety of vintage props for this children's session. The Okoboji and Spirit Lake, Iowa - Great Lakes Area offer a variety of great background greenery for the session and Mady and Chase were the perfect models. Even Mady's American Girl doll got in on the shoot. (she proved to be a most cooperative subject as well). The vintage tone to the images add to the nostalgia of the days of childhood...when playing with dolls, tea parties and just having a relaxing day is all part of the summer experience. My own daughter's been complaining of her over-scheuled summer life. I remember my own childhood as being busy, but filled with intermittent days of nothing that allowed time to make mud pies and pick flowers from the garden and having time to just do... nothing. Maybe it's time to grab a doll and take a walk in the woods, or a picnic lunch at a park. I love these images because that is just what they speak to...the sweet nostalgic days of summer.

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Your hands tell a story | Art Portraiture | Big Buddies

I've been volunteering my time as a photographer the last couple years to a local organization that is dedicated to pairing adults with kids who would benefit from a one on one mentor and friend. BIG BUDDIES of Jackson County, MN believes that it is the responsibility of adults to provide every child with the resources and opportunities needed to grow and mature. One of their youth projects involves bring youth into local nursing homes to interview residents and learn about their life and interests. It's a great opportunity to build relationships across generations and the kids learn that everyone has a story! The residents stories are written up and framed with a photograph featuring just their hands and an item that related to an important part of their story. The frames are given to residents and are often cherished by them and their families. Here are a few samples of the images captured this past year.

Saturday, June 2, 2012

When's the last time you did family portraits? | Family PIctures Okoboji, Iowa

When is the last time you've had a family portrait done? Hey, trust me-- I understand from a mother's perspective it can sound like a lot of prep work. Finding the right outfits, buffing the kids up all nice and clean. And occasionally dad's have about 25 things on their list that they'd rather do too... but it's one of those things that you never look back at and think, 'Boy, I wish we'd never done that!" In fact, it's always a memory worth making. It's always amazing to me when I look back on my own family portrait how the kids change from one year to the next. I've gotten in the mode of doing at least one of my own every year that I simply don't want to break the cycle now! This lovely family came to me last summer and was delightful to work with. I especially always love cooperative dads! Hey- again...painless, right? Fall is often a time when families' think about doing portraits in preparation for holiday cards and greetings, but summer is a fantastic time as well. Especially in a rural area when the field work is done. Family vacations make a great time when the gang is all together and gathered at the lake home or cabin. If you're a visitor to the Iowa Great Lakes, Okoboji or Arnold's Park- we're only 20 miles away and are willing to come to you if you prefer. Take advantage of the sun, summer tans and family fun to document your family in the Summer of 2012!

Friday, June 1, 2012

2013 SENIOR PICTURES | Jackson, MN Boy Senior Pictures

Senior picture season is gearing up at Alison Stumpf Photography! It's an exciting time for 2013 Seniors....colleges to consider and senior year and for some the last year of their high school career seems a ways off....there's summer jobs and the beach to think about after all! June and July are great months to think about getting your senior portraits scheduled. The light is lovely and there tends to be a little more flexibility in the schedule than when school starts and family sessions begin booking. One of the best compliments I hear after a senior boy sessions is, "Hey, that wasn't so was actually sorta fun!" Sometimes senior boys aren't thrilled with the idea of senior pictures, but I will say I hear that it 'wasn't so bad' pretty consistently after sessions. After all, you don't just want great professional senior want it to be painless as well. It's time to catch up the blog and I thought featuring some of the 2012 seniors would be a timely way to do it. If you're looking at booking a senior session- and do so today thru Monday, June 4th, you'll receive a FREE iphone cover with your session. Check out the ALISON STUMPF PHOTOGRAPHY Facebook page for more information.