Sunday, September 26, 2010

Mady and Chase

I've had the honor of photographing Mady and Chase for several years now. In fact, I was just thinking the first session I did with Chase he was a chubby curly haired baby and one of my favorite images was of him with some bright green apples in a field of grass. Ah, memories. Having those long term relationships with my clients is one of the most satisfactory things about my job. Not only have I met many new people that I otherwise would not have, but made many new friendships as well.

The other advantage from those long term clients comes in the ability to capture 'true' personalities during the session and to be able to interact with the children on a level to get some spontaneous and unique expressions. Before I delved into the realm of photography- I very well remember taking my own daughter to a 'walk in' studio for photos where she was plopped down and tickled with a feather stick and give a shot of her smiling ear to ear for the camera. Was she adorable? Of COURSE- she's my daughter. I'm not so sure that those images, looking back, truly capture her personality at the time though. Not to mention in hindsight I see the flat lighting and color casts and other technical aspects I didn't even know to look for back then.

Mady and Chase's session was outdoors on a windy afternoon, but we didn't let that stop us and the natural beauty of Mady's hair blowing in the wind or Chase's pensive looks just melt my heart. I hope their mom thinks so as well.

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